Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself by Harriett A. Jacobs (1861)

Originally written under a pseudonym, Linda Brent, and coincidentally published immediately before the American Civil War this book occupies an awkward point in history. The struggles that Harriett endured from birth to the age of twenty seven would soon be outlawed. Chattel slavery would cease within five years of this books publication but looking farther ahead we realize that the institutions of slavery would not be entirely demolished after this war. One wonders how upsetting it was for Harriett to see the initial hope and joy at the North’s victory give way to a general attitude of ambivalence towards the rights of black people throughout the United States. To think it would take close to another hundred years for major federal legislation to pass congress that protected the rights of black people as equal citizens. This book does not completely depress me. Instead, I take solace in those people who were willing to risk a helping hand for Harriett in her time of need.

Harriett Jacobs is born a slave and writes of the unique challenges that black women in slavery face. She describes the physical and mental abuse that slave women endure while at work in the house. Leaning heavily upon her family and friends she braves each new horror as if pushed along by an unseen hand. Read her words in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself.


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Molly Brown’s Sophomore Days by Nell Speed (1912)

The hard times hit when we least expect it. Like a train that breaks down just before it exits the tunnel surprises can stress even the calmest people. Molly Brown is forced to endure a year of financial anxiety. Already one of the poorer students at Wellington, Ms. Brown learns that her families investments have been a complete flop. Worried about the future amid financial insecurity Molly is forced to decide her best path forward. Does she forget the present and focus on the future? Does she savor the present while procrastinating the future? Or does she take the middle road by working hard and hoping for her just returns? Each person is defined by how the deal with extraordinary situations. What type of person is Molly Brown?

Volume 2 of the Molly Brown series is another riot. The girls of Queen’s Cottage remain largely unchanged except for the charming a Otoyo, a freshman from Tokyo, Japan. Otoyo fits in instantly with the family in Queen’s with her hard work ethic and sincere manner. The whole crew go on a series of adventures featuring as diverse activities as running from cows and midnight ice skating. Share the laughs, smiles and frustrations with the students from Wellington College in Molly Brown’s Sophomore Days.


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Molly Brown’s Freshman Days by Nell Speed (1912)

In anime it might be called slice of life. On television it might be described as a sitcom or a drama. With books from a hundred years ago, I’m not sure which genre fits it best. The story contains elements of drama, adventure, and humor. In the end, categories are meaningless. They only allow the casual reader a higher chance of guessing the contents before they start reading. Great authors never write with the genre as the focus. Some adventure books get the heart racing . Others books attempt to create fear and horror. Still others strive to create laughter. You may think differently but I really enjoy when a book is like a cup of tea. A cup of tea is light, warm, relaxing and helps clear the mind of worries.

Molly Brown steps onto campus and slowly but surely all parts campus life start to orbit her. She does not desire nor control this change in campus events but the change is evident nonetheless. You spend the year with Molly and the other girls of Queen’s Cottage as they attend Wellington College. The initially nervous Molly takes only a moment to feel at home far away from where she grew up in Kentucky. Quickly she becomes lifelong friends of Judy and Nance the bond only growing stronger as the year continues. Her adventures and mistakes are humorous and endearing. Apply to Wellington College by reading Molly Brown’s Freshman Days.


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