Behind the Green Door by Mildred A. Wirt (1940)

Sometimes books feel new and exciting. This book instead felt familiar and homely like drinking hot cocoa on a winter day under a warm blanket. I’m reminded of walking the two blocks from elementary school to the public library. Ignoring the new books and magazines, I would walk to a bookshelf filled completely with Hardy Boys mysteries. Burrowing two or three every visit I managed to read more than fifty different blue bound adventures over the course of my childhood. This story felt familiar because it features fearless teenage sleuth and is written in the vein of the Nancy Drew Mysteries. In fact, Mildred A. Wirt was the original ghost writer of the Nancy Drew series back in the thirties. On a sick day spent in bed, this was a warm reminder of days gone by.

Penny Parker was hoping to travel to Pine Top for a fun family skiing vacation. Those plans go up in smoke when her father’s newspaper gets sued for libel. Instead Penny flies up to Pine Top by herself and learns that her friends lodge is being pushed out of business by the new hotel in town. The ski vacation becomes more interesting when she learns that there may be a connection between the hotel and the man who sued her father’s newspaper. The clues to the mystery will be found Behind the Green Door.


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