Supermind by Mark Phillips (1963)

(Note: This is the final book in the series. First read Brain Twister.)

This writing partnership crafts incredibly snarky dialogue. Each character is like a stand up comic riffing on everything and anything happening around them. There are plenty of exciting things to riff on from teleportation to telepathy to an international conspiracy. This book has it all. When I finished reading the last chapter, I felt a little sad as if I was saying goodbye to an old friend. Funny little books like this one leave me undecided. Do I reserve my highest praise for the “classics” or do I speak highly of the unusual books that I just can’t put down? In the end, I think there is a place for a wacky sci-fi book like this one that doesn’t ask the big questions but enchants me with amusing characters, bizarre situations and witty dialogue.

Kenneth J. Malone has tackled telepathic spies and teleporting thieves but this is his hardest test yet. He is tasked with finding out who or what is causing inefficiencies in the government. Not the normal bureaucratic inefficiency. A new unusual phenomenon that seems to be affecting all levels of government. How do you find something that you can’t name and you don’t understand? Follow Malone as he tries to answer these tough questions and detect the Supermind.


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