Brain Twister by Mark Phillips (1962)

Have you ever purchased a soda from a vending machine and two popped out? This book is a similar sweet surprise. I acknowledge that I’m not well read but it still took me unawares when I realized that this was a sci-fi humor novel instead of the assumed sci-fi action thriller. Is sci-fi humor a thriving sub genre that falls through the cracks not fitting into either the sci-fi or humor bookshelves at the store? The world needs more genre bending books even if a large portion feel half baked and end up falling flat. I always applaud the courage needed to try something different. Brain Twister does not fall flat. Instead it is positively enchanting and singularly hilarious. Fans of witty dialogue will enjoy this book immensely.

Kenneth J. Malone wakes up early to the ringing of his phone. His boss, the head of the FBI, tells him its an emergency. The emergency is unusual. A telepath is reading the minds of the scientists at a top secret government research facility and Malone is on the case. First, he must answer a series of difficult and absurd questions. How did we detect the telepath? How do we find the telepath? How do we stop the telepath? To answer these questions Malone is pulled all  across the US with hilarious results. You must be this tall to read Brain Twister.


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