Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life by Herman Melville (1846)

This book seems unusual for the time when it was written. Inside the author writes scathingly of missionaries destructive influence on the Polynesian islands. Tales of woe and toil are contrasted with the happy carefree life the natives of Nuku Hiva regularly enjoy. While I don’t believe in the existence of tropical paradise, a book describing the negative results of western influence was refreshing. The story alternates between perilous action and soothing scenery resulting in a pleasant island vacation. Don’t believe everything written in these pages. Typee is confirmed to be a half-truthful collection of autobiographical adventure and fictional ramblings.

Two unhappy sailors are marooned upon an unending voyage. The captain knowing that supplies are running low decides to land at Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands. These two melancholy seamen seize there chance to escape from the tiresome and monotonous whaling journey. On a rainy day, they sneak away from their comrades and scale the mountains. Over these mountains, the two men find adventure and the cannibal tribe of Typee. Jump into the wilderness by reading Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life.


free audiobook download: https://librivox.org/typee-by-herman-melville/

free ebook download: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1900


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