The Camera Fiend by E.W. Hornung (1911)

We’ve all seen things out of the corners of our eyes that required a double take. Is a person standing in the moonlit hall? No, that’s just the coat rack with my leather jacket hanging at a confusing angle. Is that leaf floating in mid air? No, only a leaf caught in a spider web. This book is a treat that first looks average and tastes completely different once you bite into it. I’m reminded of painters who aggressively slosh paint on canvas in a haphazard manner creating what appears to be abstract art. After a few minutes, the artist flips the canvas around to reveal some famous face. A cute little trick that makes the whole story worthwhile.

You follow the sickly Pocket Upton on a regular jaunt down to London to see the asthma specialist. After the doctor lectures him against him smoking, he is given two bottles of medicine in exchange for the special asthma cigarettes Pocket uses daily. Pocket walks from the doctor’s office knowing that he has the choice of two places to stay the night. Each rejects him meanly leaving a 16 year old asthmatic boy alone without a bed in the heart of London. Follow Pocket as he bumbles in and out of trouble in The Camera Fiend.


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