Space Prison by Tom Godwin(1958)

The last hope of human civilization a new life on Athena had disappeared. Even though they’d taken every precaution a Gern cruiser had still somehow found our ship flying halfway between Earth and our new home on Athena. We had no choice but to surrender. Gern blasters cut through our control room killing most of the officers and our hopes of escape. Our leader surrendered hoping to spare the lives of the crew. Instead the Gerns enslaved the strongest of us and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves on the inhospitable planet of Ragnarok. This is the story of man against the elements and the triumph of human ingenuity in difficult circumstances.

Space Prison was a splendid fast paced read that always kept me guessing. Tom Godwin did a great job of creating a vivid portrayal of living on the harsh world that is Ragnarok. So grab a Gern blaster and fight for life on this Space Prison.

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