Once a Week by A.A. Milne(1914)

Like a mute bird trying to sing the humor in these stories can be subtle. They come from a time where humor was expressed in absurd and wonderful little stories that twisted your brain in an enjoyable sort of way. Full of bizarre twists and great timing these stories are addictive like the best lemonade. My favorite fairy godmother tale appears in this collection. The entire genre of fairy tales is subverted in one quick blow to the head. Don’t be shy. You could learn to tango Once a Week.

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My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse(1919)

Jeeves is the man to call when it’s all a bit thick. He’s the type that can get out of any tight space in the most surprising and brilliant manner possible. From Jeeves brain to his excellent sense of style, Burton Wooster relies on Jeeves for everything except tying his own shoes. Follow them as they get through one pickle after another.

Reggie Peppers is no Jeeves. He is by his own admittance a chump. On rare occasions he gets what can only be called horrible ideas. Unaware of the idiocy of his schemes Reggie uses his talent for convincing others to put his plans into action. These always end differently than planned and always have hysterical results. So if you know someone like Reggie personally, never tell them your problems and never ever ask them for advice.

This collection of short stories will keep you riveted to the page until the very end with comical results. So kidnap a 4 year old, lie to your aunt and open the pages of My Man Jeeves.


free ebook download: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/8164?msg=welcome_stranger

free audiobook download: https://librivox.org/my-man-jeeves-by-p-g-wodehouse/