Ten Days in a Mad-house by Nellie Bly (1887)

This expose is at times absolutely heartbreaking. We follow Nelly Bly as she goes undercover in an insane asylum. Getting in is troublingly easy. Once she is inside it becomes all the more curious. “But here let me say one thing: From the moment I entered the insane ward on the Island, I made no attempt to keep up the assumed role of insanity.” To think that this asylum gave its patients no real opportunity to prove or improve there sanity. Each patient has a unique story to tell. Step inside an asylum by reading Ten Days in a Mad-house.

download free ebook: http://manybooks.net/titles/blynother06ten_days_in_a_madhouse.html

download free audiobook: https://librivox.org/ten-days-in-a-madhouse-by-nellie-bly/


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