A Yellow Journalist by Miriam Michelson (1905)

This was a book I stumbled upon. I just tripped over it and when I looked back I was surprised. Welcome to the world of wild rumors, gossip and every underhanded ploy known to woman. Rhoda Massey is an up and coming journalist in and around San Francisco. Growing up in the Bay Area many of the names and places in this story hold a special meaning to me. These pages chronicle her time spent chasing secrets, stories and scoops. Like a great detective tracks a killer, Rhoda tracks her headline. The headlines range from murder and bribery to gambling. Each story is thrilling and fast-paced. Miriam Michelson creates twists and turns to puzzle and delight the reader. For all lovers of detective novels, please check out A Yellow Journalist.

download free ebook: https://archive.org/details/ayellowjournali00michgoog

download free audiobook: https://librivox.org/a-yellow-journalist-by-miriam-michelson/


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